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Studiophile: November 2013

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Berwick Remasters The “Hits”

At Villa Park’s SKYE BLEU studios, country cowpunk veteran Pete Berwick assembled and remastered a 20 song greatest-hits compilation culled from 22 years and 4 albums with co-producer Jason Botka. Berwick told IE that “songs were chosen based on satellite radio chart success, critical acclaim and fan feedback.”

Berwick also gave us the backstory on recording some of his records, going back to 1991. “Recording the Ain’t No Train Outta Nashville (1991) album in Nashville was a lesson in time economy. There was no bullshitting. My record label brought these guys in, we met, I banged out the songs for them on my guitar, and two days later we had a record. Everyone was always having to get back on the road or to the next session so you couldn’t waste much time. We recorded that one in Waylon Jenning’s old studio on Music Row, and I like to think part of his spirit lives in the record, which has done the best for me, charting at number five on XM Satellite Radio and an XM station called Cross Country, now changed to Outlaw Radio. The title track appeared in the Paramount Pictures film The Thing Called Love starring River Phoenix, last movie he did before he passed to the other side.”

Only Bleeding (2002)?  Nothing but bad memories recording this one. Won’t mention the studio or engineer, but it was like working with the devil. Just a horrible mess, I almost walked out. Still, I ended up with my signature song (the title track), and one that has done very well for me as far as radio play and music royalties. It took me twenty-five years to get the lyrics right on that one. Bob Lizik, bass player for Brian Wilson, and the local legendary drummer Patrick Doody were on that record and delivered a stellar performance on all the tracks. The title track is the most often requested and cherished song from my fans.”

Just Another Day In Hell (2009) was recorded with my band Pete Berwick and The Renegades. I drove the band nuts at every session because  I would present a new song, make an 11 song album into an 18 song album. ‘Hey guys, just got arrested, wrote a song about it,’ or ‘hey guys, ran over a raccoon on the way here and wrote about it on the steering wheel, here, let’s try this in C.’ Truthfully, the cover with me donning handcuffs was based on me spending a day in the slammer in Hardin County, Kentucky. Let’s just say these days I travel a bit lighter. Had been deliberating over an album cover and Kentucky’s finest lawmen helped me on that, though I didn’t give them credit on the album.” Berwick said.  The Essential Pete Berwick is out November 12.

At GRAVITY STUDIOS in Chicago, Doug McBride worked with Dave Clark on his new album. McBride also started work with Trevor Parker on his new LP. Gravity’s Mike Penny tracked Jack Be Nimble as they recorded and mixed their new single “Slow Down Charlie.” JBN appears November 1 at the Rave in Milwaukee. Tim Yamaya worked with Alex Duncan on new music, and recorded Miranda Wood on her new single “We Won’t Stop.” Gravity’s Studio Manager and producer Erik Grant recorded Sleep On It and Sudden Dark as they continued to work on their EPs.

Hey Studiophiler: To get your studio or band listed in “Studiophile,” just email info on who you’re recording or who’s recording you to, subject Studiophile, or fax (773) 751-5051. We reserve the right to edit submissions for space. Deadline for December 2013 issue is Nov. 15.

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