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| August 8, 2012

Strip Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen of his rock star accolades and his behemoth collection of guitars and band memorabilia would land him on an episode of A&E’s ‘Hoarders.”  One man’s junk is another’s treasure, they say, but in Nielsen’s case, the trove of six-stringed antiquities on display at the Burpee Museum of Natural History in Rockford as part of a new multi-media exhibit warrants a road trip.  Rick’s Picks showcases the guitar slinger’s flamboyant instruments and costumes, handwritten lyrics of the band’s indelible tunes and posters commemorating Cheap Trick’s relentless touring across the globe.  Dave Grohl, Slash, Todd Rundgren and Conan O’Brien each donated a guitar and filmed segments waxing romantically about the band’s influence on their own musical pursuits.  The checkerboard lounge remains open until April. (Saturday@Burpee Museum of Natural History.)

Kids tend to crumple up a piece of paper into an unsalvageable ball at the first mistake.  One imperfect stroke stalls the completion of a promising idea.  Robert Pollard never outgrew this grade school habit.  But, don’t tell that to the sweaty swarm of devotees of Guided By Voices.  They throw out descriptors like “prolific” and “epic” and remain convinced that anyone on the fence just needs a well-crafted Spotify playlist to gulp down the Kool-Aid, which entirely misses the point.  Pollard has made an art of letting threads of grand ides flail in the wind, when what he really needs is an editor who can smooth out the wrinkles of those compacted orbs overflowing in the trashcan.  Booze-fueled marathon sets offset Pollard’s throw-away ditties and both aren’t going anywhere.  The reunited GVB previews The Bears For Lunch, set for release in November, and Pollard’s solo album, Jack Sells The Cow, while simultaneously celebrating Metro’s 30 years as a musical safe haven.  (Saturday@Metro with Radar Eyes.)

Mystery Street Music Fest promises no shoes will be forfeited by adverse meteorological calamities during the 13 hour, four-venue extravaganza marking Mystery Street Recording Company’s five-year anniversary.  And you’ll need your kicks to traipse up and down Lincoln Ave. to peruse the homegrown lineup that runs 35 acts deep.  Miss Trampled By Turtles at Lollapalooza? Try the percolating fingerpicking of Sunnyside Up.  Cower in the corner at your Polish cousin’s wedding to avoid grabby relatives? The dizzying punk/polka fusion of The Polkaholics will have you dancing a jig.  Like your indie rock tall, dark and handsome with a smidge of warbling angst?  One Hour Naps will keep you awake.  Click HERE for a full schedule.  (Saturday@Elbo Room, Delilah’s Chicago, Home Tavern, and Patsy’s Pub.)

Based on YouTube comments alone, Columbia College alum Jan Terri is either the reason the Internet should cease to exist or a plucky gal going after her dream.  Such is the life of an unlikely viral video legend.  Terri’s strangely captivating clips give mean-spirited trolls enough fodder to launch the attacks.  Everything from her bouffant hair to her ill-fitting clothes to her poor lip-syncing skills makes her a target.  But, her oddball charm and undeniably catchy tunes save her from being a caricature.  “Get Down Goblin” is Halloween’s answer to the Yuletide guilty pleasure, “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.”  Marilyn Manson and “The Daily Show” both gave their seal of approval to Terri’s vision and after a long hiatus spent caring for her sick mother, she’s bringing her kooky songs to the stage.  Apparently, Terri inspires Rocky Horror Picture Show-like audience participation, so bring a candy bar to toss.  (Sunday@Reggies with Swimsuit Addition and The Impala Sound Champions.)

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