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Studiophile: August 2012

| July 31, 2012 | 0 Comments

Chicago-based We Feed Alone has tracked and mastered its self-titled debut. The CD was produced, recorded, and mixed by Steven Gillis (Filter, Naked Raygun, Munroe) at Transient Sound in Chicago. According to the band, original members Eric Straton and Doug Wagner decided to record specifically with Gillis at Transient Sound for a number of reasons. Straton had been a drum student of Ernie Adams (of Al Di Meola fame) who recommended Gillis as “a super-positive producer who really knows how to bring out the best in your performances as well as how to get great drum sounds in the studio.” The tracks were recorded intermittently between 2010 and 2012, formulating several crucial steps that included the formation of a full band to complete the album. “There was no other option than to be patient with this project. These guys are the real deal,” said Gillis, “who came to me with some really great songs and I remember the steps we took on the Filter records [Title of Record and The Amalgamut] to do things the right way. Each stage – from pre-production to getting the right sounds and great performances – couldn’t be rushed or sacrificed without jeopardizing the end product. We were picky with every detail to get the album sounding as good as we could. Bands as good as We Feed Alone don’t walk into your studio every day.”

“The interesting thing about this project is how it outgrew what we had initially envisioned,” Straton said. “The original intent of ours was to get a professional version of what we had been recording at my home studio. But in a good way, we ended up pursuing something much more than that. We changed direction from a lo-fi, punk-rock style recording to an epic rock record.” Wagner (vocalist/songwriter) said his lyrical content was “a reflection of my feelings and emotions relating to life and love. I write songs about relationships, about my friends fighting wars, about injustices on Chicago streets, and about the way I perceive the world changing around me.” As the album began to develop, three new members were added to the band. “There were obvious sections that needed lead guitar and there was no way to perform the songs live without finding other band members,” according to Wagner. “We were fortunate enough to find three other guys to help us put finishing touches on the tracks, which included lead-guitar parts, texture sounds, and re-recorded sections using different guitar sounds.” The new CD is available now at iTunes, CD Baby, and

At MILLION YEN STUDIOS in Chicago, Andy Gerber mixed seven songs for the new Local H album, Hallelujah! I’m A Bum, due September 18th on Slimstyle Records . . . The Tossers have begun work on the followup to 2008’s On A Fine Spring Evening . . . Jip finished a seven-song EP . . . Jeff Dean has been recording the Standup Mixtape series for Underground Communique Records.

Post-punk and industrial rockers Anatomy Of Habit formed in Chicago in October 2008, and have recorded their new EP containing two abridged tracks (by the band’s standards) titled “After The Water” and “The Decade Plan.” The new songs were recorded by John McEntire at Soma Electronic Music Studios in Chicago. McEntire is well known as both a recording engineer and as the drummer in Tortoise, and “his expertise and dexterity in the studio helped the band fully realize their vision for this release,” according to AOH’s press release. The record was mastered and the lacquers were cut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. Weston, who worked on the band’s first record, is also in Shellac and Mission Of Burma.

Hey Studiophiler,: To get your studio or band listed in “Studiophile,” just e-mail info on who you’re recording or who’s recording you to, subject Studiophile, or fax (773) 751-5051. We reserve the right to edit submissions for space. If you’re recording in August, let us know. Deadline for September 2012 issue is August 15th.

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