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Sleigh Bells preview!

| October 26, 2010 | 0 Comments

Even by contemporary standards, when hyperbolic Internet hype and a splashy single can spell instant success, Sleigh Bells’ meteoric rise has been impressive.

The duo of Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller exploded out of nowhere with a catchy concoction of bobbing club beats, razor-barbed riffs, and peppy, choir-like vocals, all soaked in massive distortion. His post-hardcore background in Poison The Well and her lightening flash stint in sugar-pop outfit Rubyblue melted together perfectly, forming a blood-riling, bone-rattling sound that’s rudimentary, yet raw and raucous. Sleigh Bells recently opened its show at Hard Fest in NYC with Slayer’s “South Of Heaven” and detractors will likely see this as an appropriate gimmick that epitomizes a gimmicky act that relies on a laptop to supply the majority of its music. We wouldn’t argue with such an assessment; but we also wouldn’t deny the primal power and explosive energy produced by the deafening roar of “Crown On The Ground” or “Infinity Guitars,” and the pair have a captivating stage presence that makes their show a throbbing, visceral party. Bring your dancing shoes (optional) and ear plugs (highly recommended) and join in the fun. (Wednesday@Metro with Pictureplane. This is a separate concert from the earlier Bayside/Senses Fail bill beginning at 6 p.m.)
— Patrick Conlan


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