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Guided By Voices preview

| October 11, 2010 | 0 Comments

As reunion tours go, the “classic” line-up of Guided By Voices is probably pretty low on the Richter scale, but judging by the number of sold out dates for this indie stalwart, it seems that the band is more popular now than even at its height of popularity in the mid-‘90s.

Maybe it’s the near-universal accolades that have been posthumously heaped upon Bee Thousand – #1 on Amazon’s “100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums Of All Time”; #26 on Spin’s “Top Records Of The Past 25 Years.” Or, maybe, GBV is reaping the rewards of touring at a time when its primary audience of 30-somethings, who have had an embarrassment of riches from bands that sound-tracked their collegiate salad days, are thirsty for such reminiscing. Perhaps it’s the uber-smart move of touring with Columbus, OH natives Times New Viking, whose edgy and divisive, but singularly compulsive noise-pop racket, hits  all the right fever buttons. Whatever the reason, if you’re yearning for the driving, hook-heavy rock of GBV, this is your chance. (Wednesday@Vic Theatre.)

— Patrick Conlan

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