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Deerhunter preview!

| October 20, 2010 | 0 Comments

Deerhunter has a gift for turning clever sleights of hand into uniquely satisfying, often awe-inspiring, moments of feverish pop magic, and its discography is quickly gaining iconic status.

One moment, it’s waving a wand awash with ambient-psych swirling around brittle guitar lines and blurry vocals, the next, its pulling elastic strings of gorgeous ’60s pop from its sleeve. It casually slips sun-splashed pop melodies sprinkled with shimmering keyboards, surging guitar, and propulsive rhythms from its hat, then saws day-glow instrumentals of tingling keys and reverb-soaked drone in half with electrifying guitar squall. Like the best magicians, there’s always something dark lurking behind the obvious illusions, and there’s a thrilling dangerousness permeating Deerhunter’s best work, but it never sounds deranged or hopeless. Halcyon Digest (4AD) is more relaxed and less frenetic than past efforts, but still revels in lush, gorgeous ambience. In case you missed its Urban Outfitters-sponsored performance under the Kennedy in September, here’s your chance to see one of indie rock’s most arresting and compelling bands cast its spell before your very eyes. (Friday@Metro with Real Estate.)
— Patrick Conlan


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