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Hello, My Name Is Elia

| June 1, 2010

Hello, My Name Is Elia
Q&A with Scotland Yard Gospel Choir’s Elia Einhorn

IE: The show on the 19th — that’s the first show back?
Elia Einhorn:
Yeah, that’s the Choir’s comeback show and, strangely enough, our record-release show after nine or 10 months. The only show we’d done was a private [gig] for fans where we sent out an e-mail and the first 30 people to respond got to come to my house.

IE: Have you been writing new songs?
Oh, yeah. I wrote a ton of new songs. I took some time to let myself heal, and during that I wrote a lot of new songs for the Choir; I started a punk band with [violinist] Ethan [Adelsman]; and I started managing a band from Brooklyn.

IE: Does the accident weigh on them?
Yes, some in a sad way, some in black humor. I haven't brought them to the band yet; that's down the road as everyone keeps getting better.

IE: What's been the lasting emotional effect?
Taking time and figuring out what I want to do with my life -- in and outside the band. What's important, what isn't. I still haven't come up with the answers. Having so much time off, I hadn't had time to just sit and write for a long time. It was nice to have that. I wish I didn't get it the way I did, and I'd never want it [that way] again.

IE: Did you go to a lot of the benefit shows?
I was at all of them except for one. It was an amazing outpouring of love. The Choir's done so many benefit shows -- for awhile, we had to stop because we'd gone broke never doing paying shows. It was so amazing to have that come back our way.

IE: What was the biggest surprise?
We're vegetarians or vegans for the most part, and a grilling group called Man-B-Que -- a bunch of heavy-metal guys who put together artists and meat -- put on a benefit for the Choir. A great bunch of guys. We got to the club, and there was this massive banner there that said, "Vienna Beef Supports The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir!"

Six members of Scotland Yard Gospel Choir were seriously injured last fall in a van accident. The official release party for And The Horse You Rode In On (Bloodshot) finally takes place June 19th at Subterranean in Chicago. Q&A by Steve Forstneger

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