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2009 Top 10 “Forstnegers”

| January 6, 2010 | 0 Comments

Late in the year, I asked our contributors for year-end Top 10 lists on anything they chose. Patrick Conlan, sick bastard he is, spent the year compiling his favorite “Forstnegers.” Each month, I, Editor Steve Forstneger, compile a list of the albums received at the office, attaching brief descriptions to help the writers pick what they’d like to review. Against my better judgment, here’s Conlan’s faves.
1) Rod Stewart Unplugged & Seated (WBros./Rhino) Funny story: I used to work at a record store and my dad, of all people — he hates music, comes in to buy Unplugged for my mom for Xmas. She opens it and asides to me, ‘I don’t like Rod Stewart.’ Sunk! 
2) Greater California All The Colors (Subtitled Audio) ‘Paste’ called them an Andy Partridge wet dream, George Harrison might cream as well.
3) Bodeans Love/Hope/Sex/Dreams (Rhino) When I was a teen, my neighbor wanted to be my friend. He was 40. He heard I’d been going to concerts and piped up, ‘Goin’ to see the Bodeans next week.’ We aren’t friends. 
4) Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D.Need no introduction. Bound to have singles that will grate on you for years.
5) Nickelback Dark Horse (Roadrunner) I haven’t listened to it. Yet I already have. Discuss.
6) In Memorium Lost To Antiquity (Moribund) Dimmu Borgir-ish dark metal and, oh, they worship death
7) Victims Of Circumstance Roll The Dice (Financial) Is ska back already? Shit. Less testosterone than Rancid, less classic rock than Bosstones.
8) Muse The Resistance (Warner Bros.) Attempting the impossible: being more bombastic.
9) Cursive Mama, I’m Swollen (Saddle Crick) Because art is still hard
10) Iggy Pop Preliminaires (Virgin) The fact he’s still alive . . .

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