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Dead Heart Bloom reviewed

| July 30, 2008 | 0 Comments

Dead Heart Bloom
Fall In


Kicking off a series of three (presumably free, as this one is) 2008 EPs, Fall In slides through tastes more succinctly than Dead Heart Bloom’s two albums did.

Back when he was in Phaser, Boris Skalsky’s predilection for gargantuan, enveloping atmospherics never grew unsettling because it was, reductively, the band’s forte. In short forms like Fall In, the instances are like someone turning the vacuum on while you watch TV. “Is This The Way The Good World Will End?” mounts a white-washing Spacemen 3 assault, and when Skalisky and Paul Wood stomp on “Come Back”‘s distortion pedals it’s a wonder anything survives the vortex. Suddenly the pace drops and Fall In falls out with a touch of David Bowie and Pink Floyd, particularly on “Here We Are.” The EP’s tracks are just related enough to suggest Dead Heart Bloom haven’t found a solution for their ideas, but there are still two discs to go.


Steve Forstneger

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