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Jason Miles & DJ Logic reviewed

| April 30, 2008

Jason Miles & DJ Logic
Global Noize

Fusion/bop veteran Jason Miles and the man largely credited with funneling jazz into early hip-hop, DJ Logic, are joined by Meshell Ndegeocello, John Popper, Vernon Reid, Bernie Worrell, and more in a largely frustrating, bland world blend.


Miles’ jazz-pop CV and Logic’s induction to the world of Medeski, Martin & Wood would theoretically produce a benign album — and ostensibly temper any hostile reaction to such. But the urbanized spelling of Noize implies more than textural scratching and lite funk or this absolute waste of a guest list. All Miles and Logic deliver is a soundtrack to a Benetton shopping spree, as gallingly “one world” as titles like “Spice Island,” “Planetary Beat,” and “Exotic Thoughts” would suggest. The lone hope is the 107 seconds of “Bollywood,” which poisons the cruise-ship buffet with a twisted, molten bassline. Otherwise, venture forth to white sandy beaches and try not to step on any starving locals.


— Steve Forstneger

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  1. Terry Connely says:

    I have to say you are way off the mark on this one.I thoroughly dug where Logic and Miles are coming from.The songs sound fresh and there are some great performances on this CD.It’s obvious you’re not into this music but I think this this is an excellent album with a fresh and innovative approach