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Björk boxed!

| August 23, 2006 | 0 Comments


When Rhino released the Talking Heads “brick” late last year, they created a format for catalog-reissue box sets — meaning a set of all the albums — by including DVD 5.1 sound and a crop of videos. With the Heads, that stuff was nice though the vids were primitive and some purists would rather their sound was left mono. For Björk, it makes freaking sense.

Surrounded includes Björk’s five traditional albums as well as her two soundtracks, Selmasongs (from Dancer In The Dark) and Drawing Restraint 9. Wrapped in a mostly unimpressive cardboard case, the contents within are nothing but exceptional. Björk’s music was always held to a high level of scrutiny, but you weren’t getting the whole package if you weren’t paying attention to her videos. From the children’s nightmare “Human Behaviour” to the Spike Jones masterpiece “It’s Oh So Quiet” to the cinematic sounding and feeling “Bachelorette” sometimes the biggest wish is she made videos for all her songs. Thematically the viewing is a little disconnected, but who wants an onslaught of tour videos like Metallica got away with back in ’92?

There are 26 videos on Surrounded making it feel rather complete, however in all its officiality it neglects her remixes and B-sides, a world unto their own (the version of “Oceania” featuring Kelis is incredible). For now, this world will do.


Steve Forstneger

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