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The Hush Sound preview

| July 6, 2006 | 0 Comments

The Hush Sound
House Of Blues, Chicago
Friday, July 7, 2006

Buried on a bill with pop punk upstarts Panic! At The Disco and mad cabaret unravelings by Dresden Dolls, Chicago’s The Hush Sound bow with Like Vines.

A co-ed venture, there are bound to be those taking their swipes for the benefits of a sort of nepotism (they were recommended by Panic’s Ryan Ross to Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump, a Chicagolandian with his own boutique label; and look for whom they’re opening). But instead of being the bajillionth pop punk band to be foisted on us simply because they have friends, The Hush Sound have more in common with the Dresdens on this tour. It’d be a mistake to make a direct comparison between the two, and the piano-core links them more directly to Ben Folds or a hopped-up Rufus Wainwright, frequently giving way to power pop surges like “Sweet Tangerine.” Stump may have added them to his Decaydence roster, but it certainly wasn’t with FOB tour cannon fodder in mind.

Steve Forstneger

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