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Tom Thumb & The Latter Day Saints CD Review

| May 10, 2006 | 1 Comment

Tom Thumb & The Latter Day Saints
(Three Ring)

Tom Thumb and his New England-based cohorts locked themselves into a Maine studio for this EP, and produced the sound of winter coats.

Despite the frigid conditions in which Kindermusik was created, the seven songs on it exude the warmth of a singer-songwriter working with his band, instead of one directing it. Thumb gives the appearance of a non-throaty, late-night Paul Westerberg with wailing dashes of Jeff Buckley (“Real Small Talk”) and other candlelit souls like Dolorean, Shearwater, and Ryan Adams (obviously the Westerberg side). A vague familiarity pervades the disc — abetted by a shadowy cover of “Atlantic City” — making this more mini-album than EP, though it does establish some boundaries: Thumb’s a lesser pop singer (“Preach”) than awakened crooner (“Growing Boy”), yet it’s a hell of a start.


— Steve Forstneger

Click here to download “Growing Boy.”

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  1. zayne says:

    Wow this was potentially one of the most intelligent reviews of the band
    i’ve read since the CD was released. Thanks for being objective about my favorite band. Hello Chicago – from cold and snowy Maine.

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