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Q&A: Blackie Lawless

| February 28, 2006

Hello, My Name Is Blackie

IE: If you were to release “Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)” today, would it be met with more or less controversy?

Blackie Lawless: That’s difficult to say because the first impression has obviously already been established. That’s impossible for me to say, but I don’t think things have changed that much regardless of what people may say. I think if it’s a profound statement like that [“Animal”] was, there is always going to be a place where it will put a jolt into people’s systems.

IE: Would you say all the stuff that happened with the P.M.R.C. and Senate hearings ultimately helped you as a band or hurt your cause?
The way we always felt about it was after all is said and done, more had been said than done. It really didn’t make a difference with us one way or the other, because the reason they came after us was because the kids already knew who we were. Yeah, they made us a household word in America, but they made us a household word to peoples’ grandmas in Iowa that don’t buy records anyway.

IE: People have an image of you as this scary, intimidating person. Do you consider yourself menacing?
[silence] I don’t know why they would ever get that impression [laughs].

IE: You are kind of like a folk legend among journalists, and people are always kind of . . . scared.
Me being a folk legend, that’s ironic because the first thing I’m thinking of is Peter, Paul, & Mary, and I’ll give you a clue you right now: The closest we’re ever going to get to Peter, Paul, & Mary onstage is draggin’ ’em out on the stage and beating the hell out of them [laughs].

IE: What’s the worst injury you have seen or experienced as a result of W.A.S.P.’s elaborate stage show?
Myself personally it was the time my cod piece blew up that time. [At a gig in Ireland in the ’80s, Blackie’s trademark spark-shooting cod piece blew up, inflicting serious burns.] That was almost instant soprano. It was real bad, I’m downplaying it now, but it was real bad.

IE: You can laugh now, though?
Yeah, but it’s still uncomfortable laughter.

Trevor Fisher

W.A.S.P. plays March 17th at McCool’s in Valparaiso, IN and March 19th at Chicago City Limits in Schaumburg.

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  1. Mathilda says:

    Blackie always got something good to say, so I hope he´ll get into politics soon